Meet The Team

Our team of qualified planning and financial consultants can help you achieve the most out of your property. We are a team that has a comprehensive skillset to unlock planning potential for property owners to maximise the value of their land or buildings. We have the commercial acumen, planning and construction experience to see projects through to completion successfully.

Photo of Joss Eynon

Joss Eynon



Joss leads our overall assessment and purchase of each site, weighing up the planning issues, legal constraints, construction considerations and commercial viability case-by-case. He has carried out over 50 developments and more than 100 transactions in the last 10 years and is the primary point of contact for our clients.

Photo of Ron Davies

Ron Davies

Design & Planning


Ron is a highly knowledgeable planner, leveraging his experience from years of planning consultancy he leads our planning process, appraising each site’s opportunities and constraints against local and national planning policy and guidance. Working with our architect, Ron will identify the most appropriate scheme to achieve as much value as possible from the site, taking into account each site’s specific constraints.

Photo of Sam Beagley

Sam Beagley



Sam manages the end-to-end life-cycle of site identification through to borough, ward and property. Sam prepares our targeted marketing campaign and manages the initial discussions with any property owners looking to optimise the sale value of their property.

Photo of Cal Shelton

Cal Shelton



Cal is a Chartered Accountant and ensures the financial assessment of each site is grounded in reliable real-world figures. He will talk to local agents before starting any financial appraisal, ensuring his appraisals are underpinned by local knowledge. These assessments include site valuations and financial forecasts based on the proposed development scheme which enable us to make the best possible offer for the site.